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About us

Altaef Group

Altaef Group is diversified MNC headquarted in Tripoli, founded in1978 by late Mr. Alhadi Elamari, Our business activities cover a wide range of sectors including distribution, hospitality, retailing, and agriculture. Distribution is the largest vertical for Altaef group.

We have become one of the largest entities in the field of food and beverages in the Libyan market an achievement we are proud of. Equally proud of our customers who have brought us to this status by their constant loyalty to our products and their continuous support for us.



Distribution centres We have four distribution centers working to cover all cites.


Logistics centres We own 6 logistics centres for warehousing and feeding distribution centres.


Storage We have production line waiting areas of more than 6000 square meters. Each production line is allocated a separate area to maintain the quality

Our Aim

Reach all regions and communities throughout Libya. Increase customers’ trust in our brands, and maintain credibility, transparency, speed and quality assurance in all our products and services

Our vision

Become the largest distributor of foodstuffs on the African continent and the Middle East, one of the world’s largest conglomerates, with continued focus on single product of ours.

Our message

Provide useful products of international quality and contribute to improving the environment and advancing society culture

Our mission

Provide the highest added value to our customers, partners, employees and our community.

Why Choose Us?

We Provide Most Proffesional Service Since 1978


We have 80% share
in shelve in all hyper market.


Targeted marketing all over Libya.


Exposure to supermarket
and hypermarkets.


Will increase brand popularity
credibility and recognition.


Fastest & reliable delivery.


Strategic positioning of your
brand as well as products.


Assured expansion of the
brand’s market.

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